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January 2022 COVID Protocols

  • If you are quarantined for Covid or have symptoms of Covid, please log on to your Google classroom to complete assignments  and you are invited to participate in an office hour once a week with each subject teacher.  Students can access the office hours list ( with their tywls email.

  • All students who are home due to Covid should fill out the attendance form that is sent to your tywls email at 5 am each day.  This form also can only be filled out  by tywls email address.

  • All students who are coming to school must continue to fill out the health screening before arrival. There are some new questions on the form, please answer carefully.  If you have had a school exposure and receive a Covid test kit, please follow the instructions about taking the test and answer those questions in the screener.  If the results say you do not have clearance, please stay home and let us know at [email protected]  Then please follow the above instructions for daily attendance and Google classroom.  

  • Daily health screener:

  • As a reminder, if you are feeling any symptoms at all, we ask that you stay home.  You will be marked present as long as you fill out the attendance form and complete assignments on google classroom.

  • Students who test positive for Covid still need to stay at home for 10 days from the start of symptoms or their test date.  Once you have tested positive, you do NOT need a negative test to return, just follow the 10 day isolation time frame.

  • The new guidelines for any student considered a close contact of someone who tests positive for Covid is that we will give you a home test kit so you can test on day 1 and day 5.  As long as those are negative and you have no symptoms and your health screener indicates you may come to school then you can attend. These guidelines are for students who are vaccinated and those who are not. 

  • The DoE is conducting random Covid testing in all schools.  All parents are encouraged to give consent for their student to be included in this testing.  You can give consent through your NYC Schools Account ( You can also consent through Operoo or through a paper copy (email [email protected] to receive one)

  • As always, we encourage everyone to get a vaccine as this measure is one of the best tools we have in fighting this virus. Vaccines are free and available: