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Who to Contact if...

Who to Contact If...



I become ill or injured


I need to be taken to the gym


I need to call home


I need to give in my absence note


I have immunization papers to give in


My attendance record is incorrect


I need working papers


I need a lunch form


I need a new MetroCard

(sign up during lunch)


I lose my ID card


I need to print/make a copy


I have a question about my grades


I need tutoring


I need a copy of my report card/ progress report


I have a media release or walking permission slip form to return


I have a tech issue or concern


I have questions about my program


I have a question about Advanced Placement


I need a transcript:


I am moving to a new school/city/etc


I need to speak to someone about a personal problem


I have a problem with another student


I am being bullied or harassed


I witnessed bullying or harassment


I need information on graduation requirements


I need information about college


I need information about the SAT/ACT Exam and Prep classes


I need information regarding ENL


I need information regarding Special Education


I need information regarding 504


My parent needs access to or to reset PupilPath


My parent needs information/has concerns/needs


I have a question about after school programs


My parent needs PupilPath training


My parent has questions about the Parent Association


I have a question about Girls Inc.