Aviation Science

Do you ever fly in your dreams? Now you can take the first steps toward flying for real!  This elective is taught by an Alaska Bush Pilot and introduces students to the world of aviation and the science that allows us to slip the surly bonds of earth. Our course will include the history of flight, model building, hands-on experience with a state of the art flight simulator, pathways to a career in aviation.  If you are curious about how and why people fly, this is the class for you!


Students experience flying real small aircraft in a live world environment in MSFS 2020 and to inspire interest in a career in aviation.  Even if students do not choose an aviation career path, their experiences will boost their confidence and give them the tools needed to face challenge.


Students will use airplane manuals to learn about the various systems and safety items on a small aircraft.  They will also practice communication while talking to ATC while flying.  Students will also learn map navigation skills and how to watch and read the weather.


By meeting students where they are, and dispelling beliefs and experiences that may limit the scope of their future aspirations, students will expand the choices they will have in their future.

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