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AP Biology Supply List

School Year: 2021-2022

Grades: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

Classes: All AP Biology Teachers


  • 1
    1.5" 3-Ring Binder
    Note-taking system. Binder strongly recommended (1.5 inch or larger), or 5 subject notebook also acceptable
  • 1
    AP Bio Review Book. Make sure it is updated for the 2020 exam. The Princeton Review book is a good choice, and should be available for under $20. (Recommended)
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    Box(es) of #2 Pencils, Sharpened
    2 counts or mechanical pencils with an eraser. LABS must be completed in blue or black ink (no pencil).
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    Whatever type you are most comfortable with. If you have a graphing calculator for math, that’s fine. (Recommended)
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  • 2
    Pens, Blue or Black
    (other colors are hard for me to read!)
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    Pocket Folders