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Student Uniforms

At The Young Women’s Leadership School we are preparing our students to transform New York through exemplary scholarship, leadership and public service. To this end, our school is a place of business. The uniform policy is a way to deter disruptions or distractions to the learning process. We want our students to come to school ready to engage in a full day of teaching and learning and with the proper attitude, as if they were engaged in professional careers.

Dress Code

School Day  Uniform

During the spring of 2021, along with all other TYWLS schools, we re-examined our decision to be a uniform school.  One of our unifying characteristics for all 5 sister schools is that we wear a uniform unless a dress down day is announced. 
      • Full  uniform is a TYWLS top with grey bottoms.  Gym uniforms may be worn at any time.
      • For some trips or special opportunities, students may be asked to wear the dress uniform: collared shirt and dress pants/skirt or modest uniform tunic rather than gym uniform.  
      • There are three vendors for uniforms: Land’s End, Top and Bottom, and East Essence.  Links to these companies can be found on our website. 
      • Tights, leggings, or socks may be worn under a  skirt blue, gray, or white.
      • Students are encouraged to wear sneakers every day; any closed-toe non-heeled shoe is permitted.
      • SNEAKERS must be worn for PE.  You may change into them in the gym.
      • Students should not  wear non-uniform sweatshirts, sweaters, or coats. 
      • Students are given one birthday dress down day, if their birthday is during the summer they are allowed to take it on another school day. 
      • Students are allowed to wear cultural, ethnic, or religious head wraps. 
      • Students are not allowed to wear caps, hats, hairnets, hoods, do rags, bandannas, or sleepwear on their heads.
Physical Ed./Athletic Dress Code
      • Short or Long sleeve TYWLS EH shirt
      • Grey or white mesh athletic shorts or Grey sweatpants
      • School Uniform Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt or zip up sweater
      • Sneakers are required
      • Gym uniforms must be worn on gym days.
      • Students may wear Physical Ed./Athletic wear on any day regardless if they have gym class or not.  However, please note the regular uniform is required for most trips. 
      • T-shirts from TYWLS programs (College Discovery Day, TYWLS Explorers) can be worn as a part of gym uniform
      • Senior Shirts can also be worn as a part of gym uniform 
Purchasing the Uniform

You may purchase TYWLS uniforms from one of 3 vendors:

TYWLS Standard Uniform
TYWLS Gym Uniform