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8th Grade Algebra 1

In order to make room for more advanced math classes during 11th - 12th grade, TYWLS 8th graders will take 9th grade Algebra 1 instead.  By passing the Algebra 1 regents with a college ready score in 8th grade, students have will have the opportunity to take Precalculus, Calculus, or AP Calculus before graduating. 
Calculus is a requirement for an increasing number of college degrees.  Having an entire school year to study calculus in high school has many advantages over taking calculus in college.
  • Students have ten months to grasp calculus concepts instead of a 3 month semester in college
  • College calculus classes are usually much larger than high school calculus classes (300 vs 25 students)
  • High school calculus teachers have more time to address individual student questions and concerns
  • Students who pass the AP Calculus exam with a high enough score receive money for college
8th Grade Algebra 1 gives many students their first opportunity to excel academically and to explore their ability to meet a real academic challenge in a low-stakes environment.  Students who do not pass the class, or do not pass the Algebra 1 regents, cannot be left back and are not assigned to summer school classes.  Instead, they simply re-take Algebra 1 in 9th grade.