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Enrollment Information

TYWLS Manhattan (03M610, as part of the Affinity Schools; District 3 location, and partnered with Student Leadership Network) is a public school as part of the NYC DOE Admissions Process.  We are not a private or charter school with individual admissions.  For more information on that process at large, you should visit your current school counselor, or for timelines and procedures, including steps on the MySchools application portal.


As part of the NYC DOE Public School Admissions process, we accept students for 6th and 9th (limited seats) Grade.  


For 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, this is considered a transfer, and is handled by the Office of Enrollment for special circumstances only including safety or hardship.  Due to full seat capacity and our rigorous academics and graduation pathways that begin in 8th grade, TYWLS Manhattan is often unable to accept mid-career transfer students via over the counter, but will review recommendations in the rare cases of NYC DOE referral.


Our school is open to 6th grade applicants who reside in Manhattan and 9th grade students who reside anywhere in the 5 boroughs with address verified by the NYC DOE Office of Enrollment.


For a better chance of Admissions, you should rank TYWLS Manhattan (M610M- 6th Grade; M96A - 9th Grade) at the top of your list.


For equity reasons from NYC DOE policy, we are not allowed to consider:

  • address/proximity to school of home or parent workplace
  • parent interviews or credentials
  • letters of recommendation from family or former teachers
  • frequency of emails, or show of interest via Open House or otherwise
  • there is NO sibling priority for Screened schools.   


The DOE makes and distributes all final matches and creates a waitlist for any attrition. 

We typically have about 100 seats in 6th Grade; 20 in grade 9th Grade, and large waitlists on both grades, but can not guarantee any numbers for the upcoming years.


Family Welcome Center Flyer

Middle School Admissions:
- 5th grade applicants must reside in Manhattan or attend elementary school in Manhattan
- Applications are screened based on students classroom/report card grades
High School Admissions:
- 8th grade applicants may be from any borough
- Applications are screened based on students classroom/report card grades
Applications for admission to the Fall of 2024:
- Middle school applications are due on December 8th, 2023
- High School applications are due on December 1st, 2023
- To increase your chances of acceptance, put us at the top of your list on MySchools 
Any questions about TYWLS should be directed to [email protected].